Full length Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Eng Sub

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Full length Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Eng Sub

Full length Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Eng Sub - Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Online

Full length Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Eng Sub - Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Online

Full length Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Eng Sub - Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Online


Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 There are plenty of things to keep you busy till the next release such as reading old Naruto manga chapters or watching old Naruto anime episodes. I hope you stay alive until next week!


The five Kage look on in shock as Madara unleashes his final formed Susanoo. After stabilizing the construct, Tsunade questions whether her grandfather really fought against someone who was so much stronger than Five Kage put together. Madara responds by saying that Hashirama was the only one who could stop him. Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 He then states that it was a good thing that he wasn't here as the extent of damage to the surrounding landscape would be on a much smaller scale as he sends the Kage flying with one swing from his sword - destroying the mountain range behind him in the process.


Realizing his full power, Onoki questions whether or not Madara had gone easy on him and Mu in the past, to which Madara states that why an adult should fight seriously against children. As the Kage stand to face Madara nonetheless, Onoki then states that they would not back down now, causing Madara to resolve himself to crushing their beliefs.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Elsewhere, Itachi commands Kabuto to use the hand seals to end the Edo Tensei. Sasuke Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 uses this time to state his resolve to Itachi and that he will destroy Konoha no matter what because of what it did to him before saying farewell to Itachi. As the technique is released, the reincarnated shinobi from all-over the battlefield begin to fade away. Upon seeing this, a beat-up Naruto and B thanks Itachi and uses it as motivation to finish things up with Tobi as well. Before being completely decommissioned, Itachi heads towards his little brother with his hand outstretched, stating that he could "still make it".

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 I enjoyed this chapter. I felt like I was reading Dragon Ball back in the day. The way I see it, this chapter is to please the fans. Fan service they call it? Seeing a Godzilla sized Susanoo shooting lights pleases them more than seeing Itachi explaining how Izanami works to Sasuke. I'm not surprised if next chapter the five Kage summon Megazord to fight that Susanoo. Just when I thought Madara couldn't get any more impressive; he goes and pulls out this thing. The god damn Susanoo is too big to fight now with the Bijuu being the only things to actually stand up to it. Makes you wonder how the hell did Hashirama manage to fight that thing plus Kurama. What happened to the Shinobi world since the era of the Senju and the Uchiha?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Madara somehow managed to pass by Edo Tensei's cancellation. The whole way of getting rid of him seems just so anti-climactic. All we've seen is his insane power, but literally nothing was explained with the relation of him and Tobi. I'd really love some sort of revealing between the two before one of them went out. goodbye itachi Naruto Chapter 589.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Review Somehow, sad Sasuke is heartbreaking. May be because he usually don't show his feelings. I loved Sasuke's speech and that he be true to himself. I loved how open and honest he was. He is not 100% evil; he is just a boy who loves his family so much to the point that he just can't forgive Konoha no matter how hard he tries. I really really loved this goodbye. It was very sad but I think he decided to just let it go, he will never be able to accept Itachi's choice and even though he can forgive his brother, he can never be like him and I'm really glad he isn't. No matter how fucked up by life and by his brother, he's still his own person who has every right to refuse to be changed. Even though he knows destroying Konoha won't bring him any happiness, he chooses this path because of his love for his family.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 I was thinking what if the last thing Itachi is trying to do, isn't to give Sasuke his power or a brotherly poke, but to take away his power? Sasuke tells Itachi that even now he'll stop at nothing to destroy Konoha. And Itachi is still under Kotoamatsukami's genjutsu "to protect Konoha". Everything Itachi does is ultimately to protect Konoha. I'd love it if Itachi ripped out an eye of Sasuke for real this time. He gave Sasuke a 72 hour torture Mangekyou Sharingan trip earlier, maybe he'll give him a Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 72 hour paradise trip this time. Although that wouldn't require his fingers.


Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 I'm not entirely sure if you come on any of these fan forums or websites to see how your fans receive Naruto, but I'm certain of two things: that you care a lot about your fans and that the recent reception some of us have given to Naruto, including myself, haven't been the best. But then again, when have we (those fans among us) not been critical of your series or you?

I felt it necessary to write this open letter Kishimoto because I went over all my blogs and comments and noticed how negative and critical I've been and I haven't put enough effort in expressing how I truly feel about Naruto and perhaps my negative comments drown out all the positive feedback I give. I'd like if I can to start from the very beginning; my initial exposure to Naruto. I'd like to say that my run-in with anime altogether might have begun with Dragonball and Dragonball Z but watching DGB never led me into the arena and culture of anime. I remember seeing Yu Yu Hakasho along with other anime on Toonami, but they nev

er truly sparked my interest as much as Dragonball, Pokemon and Digimon did.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 My run in with Naruto began when I was in Egypt in the year 2006. I was walking home and a friend of mine who recently got married came running to me. He told me he was looking for me and that he wanted to give me something. He told me it was his "treasure chest." Having sparked my interest I asked him what it was. He held out a hard drive with episodes of Naruto on it. He told me that when he got married his wife had given him a hard time about him watching Naruto and he felt somewhat guilty about it and he didn't want to upset her. So he thought I would appreciate Naruto and perhaps inherit this "treasure" from him. He told me he grew up on Naruto and it felt like a part of his life and that perhaps he might have moved on from that chapter of his life, but he would always be someone touched by Naruto and its lessons; a Narutard for life.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 This act surprised me. I mean why someone as old as him, probably 25 would or 26 years of age,

adore an anime so much that he would not be able to get himself to delete it? But he wanted to pass it on to someone else so it could bring them as much joy as it brought him. He knew I was in the stage in my life where I didn't really know who I was and he thought perhaps Naruto would show me a way towards finding myself. I took the hard drive and I remember throwing it somewhere in my room completely disregarding it and I remember it being in that same place the day I left Egypt. I remember my roommate asking me what it was. I told him it was a hard drive with Naruto on it and that he could have it if he wanted. I didn't even bother to give the series a chance. Something I could never comprehend until now.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 It was not until a year or two later that I remembered "Hazim's" enthusiasm for Naruto and I decided to give the series a chance. A decision that would have a lasting effect on me. In Naruto, I discovered a part of myself. It might have been apparent to me initially but after a while, looking back, I realized Naruto taught me the world would have expectations of us to become uniform when in reality we are different, we sh

ould be happy in our diversity and not conform for the sake of others and society.

From Naruto I saw your messages of Peace through love and understanding, the value of friendship and elders. I came to know and love Japanese culture through the many allusions to Japanese mythology and culture in your series. Before I can honestly say I knew little to nothing about Japan, to me Japan then was a nation on the other side of the Pacific full of a bunch of cool B Boy Asians with great anime. I think I knew more about Chinese culture when I was younger due to Kung fu movies and movies by Jackie Chan and others. Now I can say that I probably know more about Japanese culture than any other Asian culture. I'm not proud or blissful for my ignorance but it sheds a light to how much your series has caused me to expand my perception of Japanese culture.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 I know at this point in your life you're probably focused on your son and wife and we as your Naruto fans wish you and your family all the best and all your future endeavors after Naruto. You've left me and many others with timeless lessons and insights and I'd like to get across how much they mean to us. From characters like Jiraiya and Naruto, Kakashi and Nagato. From Minato to Kushina, you've touched us all with their stories and many of us easily relate to them.

There are times when I've been outrageously critical and hard on your work, Kishimoto and that is probably because I've felt at times that you did not have full freedom in expressing how you wanted your anime or manga to be presented. At times I blamed you for stalling and trolling, but in reality I enjoyed each episode and chapter and honestly was too anxious and impatient at what might be presented in the next chapter. At times I blamed the editors and the publishers feeling that they were more interested in quotas then actual content but I trust you'll always keep your fans in mind and stay true to the telling of the story of the Orange Ninja called Naruto.

You may or may not know this but you have the biggest fan base outside of Japan, and that is an amazing feat. Some of your fans are in countries you've probably never heard of, from places like Slovenia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania and so many others. You have a fan base in the United States and much of western and Eastern Europe. You even have a major fan base in Latin America and countries like Argentina and Brazil. You've impacted the world without even realizing it and we are glad you did not abandon your dreams and the story of the Orange Ninja. Your own story has motivated us to go after our own dreams and goals and I hope you know that as well.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 268 Thank you for everything Kishimoto and you will always be for me, and other Naruto fans, one of the greatest Mangakas of our time.

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